Friday, May 30, 2008

1 day till we Strut

Tomorrow is the big fundraiser. Schatzee and I are really excited!! At least I think she will be, she gets to be outside all day and have fun with other dogs and get treats. Woohoo, good times. The Fun Size Variety Pack are ready to strut their small stuff. I didnt make my goal of $500.00 but hopefully by the end of the night I can make it to at least $100.00. Please contact me if you would like to make a donation. Online donations are closed. Thanks to everyone that made a donation!!!! You're AWESOME.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fishie news

My friend Nat and I thought we could have 2 female Bettas in the same tank with each other and they would be live together as friends. Not true. My pink and red fish formerly known as Princess Aurora attached my royal blue fish Lois and almost killed her. I was out sick yesterday and Nat saved her life for me. Nat was checkin on my fish for me and saw that Lois was dead she got my net to take her out of the bowl and BAM she wasnt dead she started flippin around and Aurora tried to eat her again. Lois was playin dead so Aurora would stop eatin her. They were seperated and Lois is alive minus half her fins though. Princess Aurora has been renamed to Shredder and Lois has the new name of Splinter. Thanks to my BFAW Nat for saving my fishy. Shredder is swimming a lot better than she did when I first got her I think its because she absorbed Splinters powers. Nat had to seperate her 2 fish as well because the bigger fish was pickin on the smaller one. So we have learned or lesson with the female bettas I guess they need to be the same size or have more than 2 in the tank. One of our coworkers has 4 females in 1 bowl and they are one big happy family.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Which Disney Princess Are You???

According to the answers you have just chosen you are most like the Disney Princess Cinderella. Although gentle and soft spoken, Cinderella has a keen intelligent sense of humor which she wisely keeps hidden from her cruel Stepmother and jealous stepsisters. Finding delight in her tiny animal friends, able to sing as she works, Cinderella has true dignity something her Stepsisters could learn a thing or two about. Despite moments of heartbreak and disappointment, Cinderella holds onto her hopes until goodness and beauty are rewarded and dreams that she has dreamed do come true.

Friday, May 23, 2008


It has been awhile since my last post. It is the Friday before Memorial day and I am very bored at work today so I figured I can post today. A few new developments in my life; My eldest niece M graduated from her first year of preschool and the program was tons o'fun. They had paper caps and got diplomas. My betta McLovin passed away on Tuesday :( He was a good fishie! My friend Nat and I went and got some female bettas. They can be in the same tank without killing each other.I named mine Princess Aurora and Lois. Her 2 are Princess Jasmine and Dolce. I know I lead a pretty boring life. Fish talk and preschool graduation, woo hoo! My foot is healing pretty well the scar is still really ugly. I hope I can do Strut your Mutt without being in too much pain.
I havent had much luck raising money for the cause. I would really appreciate any donations!! No More Homeless Pets in Utah is a great organization that saves the lifes of hundred of dogs and cats. The name of my dog pack is Fun Size Variety Pack. All our dogs are different breeds and small in stature. If you would like to make a cash or check donation please contact me. You can make a secure donation with your CC via my fundraising page

Friday, May 2, 2008

Strut your Mutt

Please visit my fundraising page for Strut your Mutt. Schatzee and I will be participating in this awesome event this year to help homeless pets. A great dog walk and festival to raise life-saving funds for No More Homeless Pets in Utah. Please feel free to join us or make a contribution of any amount. It is lots of fun and is a great cause, it's the largest fundraiser for No More Homeless Pets in Utah.