Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's time for a post

I havent posted anything for quite a while. I dont really think anyone reads my blog. I have had a few things change in my boring un eventful life. I got a raise, I am moving out of my apartment next month not too sure how that is gonna work out. I will be living with my parents for as long as we can stand each other. I am going to get some thing I have wanted for a long time on Saturday I am really excited and nervous too. I hope all goes well. I really need to get on a diet before I get really sick or something I always feel like crap and I think I have sleep apnea. I'm too young too die and I need to give my nieces some cousins to play with. I sure hope I can keep up my Scentsy business and I need to get my creative MOJO going as well I havent made anything cute or stamped anything for quite awhile.

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